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Battery Reconditioning: Restore a dead battery to full charging capacity and health through a simple and effective process

Why is it done…

Nankin Battery - reconditioned BatteriesA chemical reaction is generated in lead acid batteries between the lead plates and its electrolyte fluid (water and sulfuric acid).  Each time a battery discharges, lead sulfate crystals form on the battery plates.  When the lead acid battery is recharged, the lead sulfate disperses, but not all of it goes away.  With time, the lead sulfate crystals build up, affecting the charging and discharging capacity of the battery.

This condition is called sulphation.  Sulfation causes the battery to undergo longer charging times, have less charge capacity, and become less efficient until eventually, it can’t hold a charge.  This is where reconditioning a battery comes into play.

There are several steps in the battery reconditioning process. The excess lead sulfate crystals are cleaned off and its electrolyte solution is replenished. At a fraction of the cost a reconditioned battery can function nearly at the level of a new battery.

Steps In The Reconditioning Process

  1. Clean the battery of corrosion
  2. Empty the battery cells
  3. Clean the battery cells
  4. Replace the battery electrolyte
  5. Recharge the Battery
  6. Test voltage and load of the battery

Fast, Easy, and Cheap!

Call or come into one of our two locations located in Westland and Ypsilanti and save hundreds on a battery replacement. A quick stop, simple exchange, and price of $49.99 (with core exchange) that can’t be beat!

Reconditioned Batteries for only $49.99
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